Friday, July 1, 2011

My America

This is my American Where i was born an raised
the land where Milk and honey flows if you work hard to get paid
Its the land where a spartan spirit lives where Liberty and freedom are our right
Where young men and women still serve their Flag and for those rights they Fight

Where a country boy can stand on his own land and proudly he can declare
This is mine it was left  to me  bought with  Sweat Blood  and tears
Where a man can start  a business if a job don't fit him right 
And work hard to build up something to to make himself a life

I don't think I'll be going green My colors are Red ,White and Blue
We Believe in Honor and dignity and teach our children to be true
We Believe in GOd and to Jesus Christ we bare our soul
We will pray when we're not to, outlaw our flag we'll put it up a pole 

Our Hero's aren't politicians Or anyone in public view
Our Heart lies with who've died from Concord bridge to Mogadishu
Our Sacred oath lies with God in Our Bible and Constitution
Our sacred honor we is what we Pledge That is our resolution
And so We Still fight and we Strive to  make our country greater
Like those who've come before us We work to make her Better
My AMERICA, OUR AMERICA is not a nation of the past
WE ARE AMERICA, AND WE WILL FIGHT So the Light of Liberty shall last

American spirit don't need Government help, we just want to be left alone
We take our own chances, without labels to tell us how to live in our homes
 We don't need Washington DC to tell us what to drink from a glass
As Amerians we tell them what to do, if they don't like it to KISS OUR ASS

the pasture gate

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day? ..My version

Earth Day?

Nothing makes me see red like somebody talking Green. Which is not ironic being as
most people who believe in the Greeny movement are Reds. People that know me also know
I'm not one to beat around the bush so lets get something in the clear. Environmentalism is
the New Communism.
Greenys are just the same old stalinist's wrapped in pretty red bows. The message is "SAVE THE EARTH"
"SAVE THE WHALES"......Believe in AL GORE?......OK, I almost choked on that one just typing it.
Most folks are aware of the types that believe in this Male bovine fecal matter. they are
people that want to matter,but don't. People that just want to do something just nothing productive
no matter how stupid they sound.
So I have decided to lay out my "EARTH DAY" agenda as a counter to the hypocrisy of the Enviro's.
Unlike the weed smoking tree hugger's I don't think the earth is need of saving. I strongly
believe its is arrogant for man to think we can destroy this planet. WHY? here we go.

The Earth is not our Mother, it is the rock we live on. A rock created by the hand of an awesome
and Mighty God that has provided for us everything we need to , eat, drink, breath, and provide shelter
heat and cooling for ourselves.
We have Dug it, poked it, prodded it, drilled it, Bombed it, Poisoned it and you know what??
It still works just like it did before. its still grows trees, grass, fruit, nuts, berries and herbs
preferred by some people that like to smoke that stuff. T
he point being is its still here and so are we.The earth has no labeling laws, and...... well OK it has one
law. As beautiful as nature is to look at and enjoy. You don't poke Grizzly bears with a stick.
Nature will kill you if you don't know its ways.
So On this Earth day I'm not going to celebrate Gaea or mother earth or anything like that.
I'm going to celebrate an awesome God and the bounty he has provided.
I'm going to run My A/c and Lights and use water that comes from my pipes
to support the Men and women that provide me electricity and water so that I can live
a decent life.
I'm going to put gas In my vehicle and go for a drive to show my support for the the great men in women
who go to work and build the cars, and work in the oil patch to provide me with gasoline and
the resources to make products,
I will grill up some steaks and Veggies to show my support for the farmers and ranchers
that truly do care for and love the land. I'm going to challenge anyone to stand in my way!
This is My country, and I live on this rock to0. The primary focus of my earth day from now on
will be to be sure that I fight for the Freedom and Liberty that I have had so that my children
may enjoy it as well. I will honor those whose Blood has been spilled in the soil to that the
Tree of Liberty may be refreshed.
I will give thanks to an Awesome GOD that has provided us with the Bounty we have to live here.
As well as a poke in the Eye with a sharp stick the nature has provided to anyone that tries to screw up my day

Dave King

copy right


Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Cowboys Christmas Poem

The Second Cup 
He was holed up in a line shack
  that ice-cold Christmas Eve,
He had a good fire burnin’,
  brewin’ up coffee and some beans.
He'd cut a limb from a lonesome pine
  as a make-shift Christmas tree,
And decorated with what he could find,
  some cans and cups and things. 
He'd been ridin’ line for the brand,
   now on way too many days,
Puttin’ time in the saddle,
  cuttin’ sign and findin’ strays.
He settled in by the fire
  in a worn old rockin’ chair,
With a cup of that hot coffee
  and his Bible layin’ there.  
By the coal oil lamp he started to read,
  when a knock came at the door
He wondered who could be out there,
  as he walked across the floor.
He opened the door to find a man
  wearing a heavy woolen coat,
Snow and ice covered him
  in a blanket from head to toe. 
The Cowboy said “Come in Friend,
  get warm and have a seat.”
When the man pulled off his coat,
  he wore a long white robe beneath.
It was a bit of a surprise,
  but the Cowboy new right then,
The Lord had come into this cabin
 just to visit this Christmas with him. 
“Lord,” he asked “why have you come
  to see me this lonely night?”
He watched the Lord smile at him,
  in the oil lamp’s dim light.
“My son”, the Lord told him
  “You've suffered long enough.
I’ve come to let you know,
  life doesn’t have to be so tough.” 
“Please Lord”, said the Cowboy
  pulling up another chair
“I’ve beans and coffee cooked,
  won’t you sit and we will share.”
“No”, the Lord told him.
  “I've not come to eat.
But, I'll take a cup Coffee,
  while we sit here near the heat.”  
“Lord”, the Cowboy said
  as he poured another steaming cup,
“I’ve searched my heart for you
  when I was down and when I was up.”
He handed the Lord the coffee,
  then sat back in his chair feeling old,
Put his Bible back in his lap
  and began to bare his soul. 
With his bowed down he took a breath
  and then began to speak,
His eyes filled with tears,
  and his voice was shaky and weak.
“I lost my wife and small son
  to typhoid many years ago,
And I just could never find the heart
  to give Love another go. 
So I became a Cowboy
  and a look back I've never taken,
I thought you had left me behind
  and my soul you had forsaken.”  
“My son,” said the Lord, “I’ve been with you
 though some things you don’t understand;
But, I have never left your side,
  and have kept you in my hand.
The day you chased the speckled steer
  that jumped that wide ravine,
I sent angels to help you hold your seat;
  but they could not be seen. 
The day that mountain lion snuck up
  when you were trail weary and tired,
It was me that stood between you both
  when your rifle jammed and misfired.
I've been with you out brush-poppin’,
  sat with you through thunderstorms;
I even pulled you from a poker game
  before that gambler could do you harm. 
My son I know the life you've lived
  has not always been fair,
But know in Heaven, your wife and son,
  are safe and waiting for you there.” 
The Cowboy and the Lord
  visited long that Christmas Eve.
Sharing from the heart,
  the Cowboy knew he now believed.
The fire slowly died down,
  as all night they stayed up,
Laughing and talking as friends,
  as they refilled their coffee cups.  
The Cowboy shifted in his chair
  and stirred from his nap,
When he raised his head and opened his eyes,
  his Bible was still in his lap.
He thought, “I must have been sleeping;
  but what a dream last night,
I dreamed I saw the Lord;
  and oh, what wonderful sight.”
He sat there with peaceful a feeling;
  how joyful had been the story,
Of sharing share a cup of coffee with Him
  and of seeing Jesus in such glory.  
“It could only have been a dream.” he thought,
  then paused as he was getting up; 
He grinned at the chair across from him,
  where sat that second cup.   
 Dave King
copyright 1999
Pasture gates productions

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dangerous life

I had seen this bronc before many times. Eyeing him on more than one occasion. He was solid as rock and coat a sleek as paint.
He looked like he could run a hundred miles an hour just standing still. Scared could not describe the feeling I had at that moment. 
I was getting ready to climb in the saddle. people were looking, more like glaring at me. As I was putting my foot in the 
stirrup preparing to mount. With my leg over and no more than in the stirrup without even getting settled in the saddle. 
The rodeo was on. 
The first lunge threw me backwards grabbing for the horn to get my balance then the forward jump threw me on his neck. Leaping high 
into the air. My Imagination running rampant as this Wild horse was taking me about as close to death as I felt I had ever been
My heart was racing with each jump and Lunge, sweat was coming out of every pore on my body.
 This was shear terror like I had never known. Nothing in my life had ever prepared me for the beating I was taking now.
I had to hold on for dear life. Coming off this beast now would be certain death I was sure. If I hit the ground he would surely
 stomp the life out of me without a second thought. My Life had flashed before my eyes, was my affairs in order? I just knew
 that this would be my last ride.
The lights were growing dim in my mind with each terrible blow to my body, I was just about give out. My arms were weak 
and, my will to go on were just about gone. Fortunately this grocery store manager heard all the screaming and unplugged the 
Horse from the wall and told me not to come back in the store drunk again.;-P

Its just life get out and live it
Dave King
Copyright 2010
The Pasture Gate

Monday, November 15, 2010

Common Sense(or lack there of)

A serious discussion ensued between myself and a Friend not long ago concerning the seriousness of something lacking in today's society. I have been having conversations like this with people for many years. Understand that the intensity of these discussions become more radical with every beer consumed.
Many times I have wondered why it is  that the Government in all their wisdom do not have the God given sense to solve problems the way Common folks do! Barn for an office, bail of hay for a seat, Cooler full of beer. problems solved in a matter of hours.
Disagreements may sometimes may arise But, there is always conflict resolution ! In my world Conflict resolution is when 2 people disagree  a fight ensues and the one still standing wins the argument "conflict resolved"!
In my most recent discussion a friend stopped he was concerned about the lacking of common sense in today. Oooh that's easy  I answered ! People with no Common sense are a protected species Now!
We had already consumed several cans of liquid intelligence mind you.
HUH? was the response I got from him. Trying to explain something in a partially inebriated state of mind makes things much easier being as there are no inhibitions. (it also helps if the other party is drunk too)
In the old Days stupid people died as a result of their stupidity. thus there were fewer of them and folks with common sense outnumbered the stupid. the Government in all its wisdom saw this trend many years ago and started the labeling campaign.
Forcing people into a Government run save the stupid campaign! seat belt laws, food labeling such as snacks like peanuts for instance. "Warning may contain peanuts", do not iron clothes on body.
Helmet laws, smoking laws,etc etc etc. Some of which may not be stupid because I see them as personnel choice thing but, none the less in turn it created a mind set that if big brother doesn't say its Good then it must be bad! So don't do it.
Therefore you must conclude that more of the stupid survive now! 
In the Days of old there wasn't any Walt Disney telling us that bears were cute cuddly creatures that just run and play in the forest with the deer and elk and Bunny's. there was only say 2 guys sitting around a camp fire, a grizzly bear runs in and eats one guy and the other guy ran.
we are the offspring of the guys that ran. 
For many years we carried the genes that said if you see something scary! running is not a bad idea therefore the people with common sense survived and the stupid ones became room temperature Or Bear scat( reference the Documentary Grizzly man)   
My friend was getting the picture because he was now holding his Beer in the air yelling "YEAHHH that's right you rock DUDE"
 OK, he's not really a friend just neighbor that was out of beer.
personally I am in favor of stupid People removing themselves from the gene pool because its getting pretty polluted now.
Not that I know a lot of people that I would like to see take a dirt nap. Just the ones that irritate me with their ignorance. After sorting this problem out for my friend he was happy, now that he had drank over half of my beer.
Not all people with no Common sense are stupid though some have Adapted to a new way of life in this modern day world. These new ones we will call moochers. these are the ones that think everyone else is stupid and play on there kindness and generosity. hence the loss of over half my beer. Now moochers won't do anything on their own to hurt themselves they have to be pushed into it. not that one should  intentionally hurt someone else mind you or push them into it but, the power of suggestion is a Strong motivator.
I did suggest to my neighbour that he should go Pet my cuddly new Bull that i just bought before he goes home. Not sure what really happened But he hasn't been back for beer.
Smile everybody It's just life!
God Bless!
Dave King 
 The Sixgunmudder

Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, it’s late evening and I just got back in the house after working out on the farm all day. It doesn’t take much of an Oklahoma summer for you to wish winter were here. That’s why we Okies are so fickle; it doesn’t take much of winter time for us to wish summer was back either!

I have been contemplating all day on what to write on my new column/blog. My bestest friend Debra Coppinger Hill worked tirelessly to get our new web site ( up and running with a blog area for us to put our poetry and columns on. Thanks Debra, you have done a magnificent job. Your check is in the mail. (Trust me, she doesn’t believe that either.)

I have been writing for a long time and have a significant following of people that have kept up with me over the years. These are really good folks and I want to thank them all for their support, but I understand that there must be something in them that loves punishment.

In order to follow my writing style you need to understand that you’re going to need to be able to at least register somewhere on the IQ scale to ‘get it’. I strive to be an enigma; one week I maybe off on politics then the next column may be about relationships or fishing or guns or anywhere in between. The only thing I probably will rarely hit on is sports. I stopped following any kind of sports when I left High School (and didn’t follow it much then).

The only thing close to sports I have been involved in over the years is rodeo and shooting sports. I’ve owned horses my whole life and I’m a firearms instructor so that is where my interest lies.

Whatever it is that catches my interest at the time will be the theme of the column so you will have to be able GET IT! I use raw humor and adult themes; not pornography type adult, just grown-up type. I never mean to offend or insult anyone. However if you get offended or insulted by anything I say just get over it. In today’s politically correct society people think they can go through life and if their feelings get hurt over something they can get mad upset and scream “YOU OFFENDED ME”. Well go ahead and scream because I can’t hear you and don’t care if you are offended. If I did care I wouldn’t have written it in the first place.

We all have to look in the mirror every now and then and see deep inside our hearts, our minds and our souls. You are not as important to the world as you think you are. Who you are important to is measured by your value to your friends and family.

Finding yourself getting upset and angry over every little thing you don’t like may be reflecting in your personal life with those that do care. Learn to laugh at yourself, learn to laugh at others, and more important, learn to laugh at me; because I may be the one that steps on your toes hard enough to bring you out of your self-imposed delusion of grandeur.

Until we meet down by the pasture gate again, God bless and keep a loose rein.

Dave King© 2010
The Pasture Gate Productions

Monday, July 12, 2010


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